Saturday, 4 January 2014

Review // DenTek Easy Brush Teeth Cleaners

Hey guys! Today I am going to review the Easy Brush Interdental Cleaners by DenTek. I have reviewed the floss picks by DenTek previously HERE if you would like to check that out. These cleaners are the latest tools for oral hygiene by DenTek so if you would like to find out more about them please keep reading!


‘Non-slip flexible handle for comfort and control. All DenTek cleaners remove food, remove plaque, reduce tooth decay and fight bad breath’ – Boots



These products remind me very much of what is used to clean baby bottles so I was very curious about them. You simply take them and insert them into the gap between your teeth. After wiggling the cleaner about a bit you are done! These teeth cleaners come in different ISO sizes which are basically different wire sizes that you can buy according to the size of the gap between your teeth. Please, please make sure that you have the right size or it may well irritate your gum and cause bleeding.



I have been using these products for a while now and they work really well. You should use them as disposables so they will last you eight days (sixteen for me as I alternate with a floss) which is not bad as they are only £2.66 for a pack. They all come with sturdy plastic grips - a bit of a waste for a disposable product in my opinion - which are great for the support you need in controlling the cleaner.




The bristles are hardwearing so you can easily get around to cleaning all of your teeth as effectively as you cleaned the first. Like the floss, this cleaner is minty tasting which I really like for my dental products. I find that this brush effectively removed all of the dirt from between my teeth and I actually prefer it to floss which doesn’t always remove as much of the gunk as possible.

Overall, I really do like these products and I will definitely be repurchasing them regularly. They just make my teeth feel extra clean. If you would like to get some of your own to try click HERE and let me know if you liked them! Thank you for reading!


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