Friday, 3 January 2014

Review // Daniel Sandler Eye Pencil in Grey Velvet

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share my opinions on this Eye Pencil by Daniel Sandler* in the colour Grey Velvet. I have been using it for quite a time now so I think that I have a well-rounded opinion on it.



Firstly, this pencil is a beautiful colour. I think it will really make blue, green, and grey eyes pop and it worked really well with my eyes too which are brown. I love that it glides on smoothly onto my lid and the colour pay off is fantastic.

This pencil will last around five to six hours so if you know that you will be out for longer then not this is not the best thing for you; I find that it starts to fade after a while which I really don’t like. Also, it doesn’t go very well onto the water line which is where I would like to put most of my eyeliner on so it isn’t too great.


I love wearing this eye pencil winged out on a day-to-day basis and I like that it doesn’t look to ‘OTT’ so it fits in well with my style. Despite this I wouldn’t say that this is a product that I love, I think it is good but I certainly think that there are better products out there.

If you are interested you can find this eye pencil HERE for £9.95 along with other Daniel Sandler products which you can find HERE. Thank you for reading!


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