Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Firmoo Fashion Glasses

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share with you the glasses that I received from Firmoo* a while back and I completely forgot about! I can say that I absolutely love these but I can’t find their link on the Firmoo website so I’m sorry but you will have to be patient and wait until I receive a reply with the link for them.



These glasses are reasonably side priced for fashion glasses at $30 and they are totally worth it. I have been wearing them a lot recently and, despite my clumsiness, they are still in pristine condition.


They are very versatile and I love that they just spice my whole look up. The frame is also very pretty as it has blue and purplish tones in it that can only be seen in direct sunlight. I think that these glasses are very chic and are definitely worth the buy!





The glasses came from the online store Firmoo which I believe is based in China. No worries though because the delivery is really fast according to that and it only take a week or so! If you would like to browse their website feel free to click HERE. Thank you for reading!


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