Monday, 25 November 2013

Review // Nanshy Luxury Brush Set

Hey guys! You might have heard (read to be specific) (HERE) me reave about the Nanshy brushes once before. Now you have the pleasure of experiencing it once again. I love the Nanshy brushes to say the least and the Luxury Brush Set* is a set I could not live without!



‘After many months of research in UK and Worldwide markets, surveys and polls, 13 Face, Lips and Eye brushes has been picked to create this amazing brush set.’ – Nanshy

These brushes are great for every day use. I do find that there is nothing specially in here to achieve a ‘flawless’ base nor to create an ‘amazing’ eye. But then again, Nanshy do have other sets for that. This set mainly aids me in doing my makeup. There are brushes in here that I haven’t seen anywhere else and I know that my makeup would suffer with out this set although I couldn’t use just this one set of brushes for the rest of my life. 

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Moving on, the brushes themselves are very soft and i can tell that they are of a very high professional standard. I don’t have much fall out with them which I really like. They are very easy to clean and will fully dry by morning if I wash them at night. The handles are made of plastic and they are made to fit into your hand perfectly. Now let’s go through each brush and whether it was a yay or a nay for me, shall we?


1) Liner Brush

This brush is very good for creating a perfect eye liner, whether it be winged or not. It isn’t the best out there but it definitely does do the job perfectly. To define, I couldn’t tell whether or not my eye liner had been stamped on or drew on. So this is a yay for me!

2) Small Shadow Brush

This is simply a brush that I use for applying shadow to my lid. It is really good for blending out eye shadow and creating a soft natural look. However, it isn’t something that is extremely important for me when doing eye makeup.

3) Crease Brush

I find that this brush is great for packing on colour onto the outer corner. It is definitely necessary for smoky eyes I would do for those occasions I want to look ‘out there’ for.


4) Shadow Brush

I wouldn't say that this is much different to the Small Shadow Brush. If anything, it is less denser so it would be better for blending but there isn’t a major noticeable difference.

5) Fluffy Shadow Brush

I love this brush and I don’t know what I would do without it. I need this brush for an everyday basis for blending a colour into my crease or contouring my eye. It blends like a dream and is very easy to use!

6) Concealer Brush

This brush is a synthetic brush that is create for packing on eye shadow. I think that it is small for concealer, which I mainly use under my eyes but it does a great job of blending out the concealer yet keeping it as pigmented as possible.


7) Eyelash/Eyebrow Spoolie

The eyelash/eyebrow spoolie is something I use on a day-to-day basis. After I have done my eyebrows I use this to come them through and it gives them a more subtle, natural effect.

8) Angled Brow Brush

I love using this for my brows as it makes it very easy to fill them in. At the moment I am using it with the ELF Brow Kit and it works amazingly with it.

9) Angled Shadow Brush

This is very much like the Fluffy Shadow Brush except it is angled, hence the name haha. I don’t use it very much but I have adapted to using it as my ‘no product’ blending brush and it does a great job for it.


10) Angled Blush Brush

I love this brush and I’d say that I use it religiously everyday. I am a person who loves to bronze and this does the job very naturally but amazingly. It is also great for blush and makes the colour look perfect on the cheeks.

11) Foundation Brush

This is not a brush I use on a day-to-day basis as I love flat tops for my foundation generally. However, if you’re new with makeup I think that this would be perfect for you.


12) Powder Brush

This brush is great for setting your foundation and concealer. It is very soft and picks up product very well.

13) Powder/Foundation Brush

This is a very good multipurpose brush. Personally I don’t use flat tops for powder so this would not go anywhere near them. However, I love it for highlighting and cream blushers. It does an amazing job, and my highlight and contour look is never complete without using this brush.



Overall, I love these brushes. They have taught me to really experiment with makeup and develop my skills to the point where I can do my makeup faster than I ever thought I could before. They are only £29.95 HERE from BeautyStore4U which is amazing in my opinion considering that you would only get one or two brushes for this price from other brands. The quality also is very high and this set is something that every girl should have.

What do you think of these brushes?


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