Monday, 11 November 2013

Review // Murad Spot Treatment Concealer

Hey guys! Firstly, I am sorry for the long break that I took off of blogging. My time table became pretty cramped a few weeks ago and then exam season started so that I didn’t have any time to sit down, never mind write a detailed blog post. Anyway, I am back with one of my favourite types of posts. Reviews! Haha, I am going to tell you about the Spot Treatment Concealer by Murad* today and whether or not I liked it. So if you want to learn more about it please keep reading!


This concealer comes in a fairly simple tube that isn’t girly at all. I’d say it has a very medicinal feel to it, which I don’t mind because if it is treating spots it should be simple and mature, right? I have been using this for a few weeks now and I can’t say I have notices a huge difference in my break outs but it does a good job covering up blemishes. It isn’t the best concealer out there but it does the job without making the break out worse. What more could you want from a concealer?

‘Heals and conceals your blemishes so you can get on with your life! 86% of users experienced overall better skin within 2 weeks!’ – Murad


The fact that this concealer is a spot treatment concealer really attracted me because of course I am a teen facing the infamous break-out stage of life and anything that claims to stop spots will be sitting on my vanity. No question about that. I like the fact that this is helping my skin whilst I have it on my face. This is really comforting as - for someone who wears makeup everyday - I know that all of it isn’t exactly a dream for my skin. You know the drill, makeup clogs your pores, stops your skin from breathing etc. etc. if certain precautions aren’t taken. For this reason this is a product that I enjoy using a lot.

This product comes in two shades, light and medium. I understand that this isn’t great for darker skin tones because these two colours are fairly light so that is something that I’d consider a negative. It was even a tone light for me but it wasn’t light enough to highlight my spots in a bad light. If you are fair skin toned I think that the light would be great for you and the medium is suitable for anybody from fair to olive skin tones.


Overall, I’d say that this is a great product, not a holy-grail product but a great product nonetheless. I find that it stays on all day but I wish that it has a bit more coverage for those stubborn zits. It is priced at £19 which is higher than the average drugstore price so it is on the pricy side but it is very good for a day-to-day use concealer. If you would like to learn more about what Murad has to say about this concealer click HERE or if you would like to browse other products by Murad feel free to click HERE. Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day!

Have you tried Murad before?
What do you think of this product?


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  1. Great review! =)

    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award, it's just a nice way to find out about new blogs and that =)

    Take care xx

    1. Thank you so much! But I am sorry, I have already got this award and I don't qualify for it anymore aha:)xx

  2. I like the brand, not sure whether the coverage would be great enough for me though. Great review, xoxo.

    1. Me too, and I guess it's best to get a higher coverage one:)

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