Thursday, 21 November 2013

Review // Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Endless Purple

Hey guys! What is happening? I love eye shadows, don’t you? Most of us have preferences when it comes to eye shadow and most of the time you are cut between a cream shadow and a powder shadow. It just so happens that a few of the most talked about eye shadows from the drugstore are on opposite sides of the scale. Clearly the consistency of a product isn’t an issue.


However, I prefer cream shadows just because they are easier to work with and I don’t have fallout with them. I can also apply them with my finger on a lazy day and still get good results also. The eye shadow that I am reviewing today is the Colour Tattoo by Maybelline in the colour Endless Purple*. I have got to say that I really enjoy wearing it. 


I must say though that I cannot testify for the ‘creaseless’ claims as without some sort of primer anything is bound to crease on an oily eye lid. Still it does last around six hours without creasing which is pretty good for a drugstore product in my opinion. Nearly all of the time when I wear this it will be as a base for eye shadow and it works very well in my opinion. This is the way that I prefer it because the colours I apply on top do really pop. 

The colour of this is not as bright and bold as it looks so it doesn’t come out as pigmented as it looks like in the pot on your eye lid. For this colour I am not too bothered about that because I wouldn’t like wearing such a bold purple on my eye lid unless it was for fancy dress etc. This is not like that and so it is a very nice colour to have handy when doing a makeup look for night outs or occasions.


I would really recommend it to you guys – professionals and beginners alike. The results are really good and the shadow is very easy to reply. Having one of these a part of your collection really does make your makeup look that much better. This product is on for £4.99 at Boots but £3.99 HERE from HighStreetBrandsForLess. If you would like to browse other products on this website because they have some great bargains feel free to click HERE.

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  1. Wow, that's a very vibrant shade, to say the least - it almost has something neon over it. The color tattoos are such wonderful products! Xx