Friday, 15 November 2013

Review // Disney Princess Lip Smackers

Hey guys! Today I decided to take a trip down childhood lane with you. I am going to be reviewing three of the Disney Lip Smackers*. There are four different flavours of these lip balms: Cinderella - vanilla; Ariel - calypso berry with a hint of glitter; Snow White - cherry with a slight shimmer and Belle - natural coloured, moisturising gloss with a sweet scent. Personally, I have come to love them a lot because they are just so handy to have around for moisturising your lips. As well as this they are the cutest little things ever and are suitable for pretty much all.


1) Belle Lip Smacker – click HERE

All of these Lip Smackers come in the cutest packaging ever. Belle’s comes in a pastel yellow colour and has Belle herself on the tube. I really think they got the scent right for this because it is sophisticated yet girly just like Belle’s character. It also is a great moisturiser for your lips so I always have to have one with me.


2) Cinderella Lip Smacker – click HERE

The Cinderella Lip Smacker comes in a pastel blue tube, perfect for Cinderella’s character. Although it is mainly aimed at children you can really tell that it has a sophisticated feel to it. I think the characters are channelled really well in these products. Compared to the other two Lip Smackers that I am reviewing this product has a very subtle mature smell so if you are not too fond of scents this would be great for you. This product contains small specks of glitter in it but I don’t mind that at all!

3) Ariel Lip Smacker – click HERE

The Ariel Lip Smacker is probably my favourite out of the three. I love the fairly strong flowery scent and I think it is great for my lips. Also, the packaging is a super cute purple colour so I love taking it out with me.


These would be great treats for little ones as I am sure that they would just love them! Or if you’re like me and you have a little obsession with Disney you should definitely take a look at these. At only £3.50 each you can’t go wrong really, can you? Or if you want to get 8 for £8 head down to your local Claire’s or click HERE.

Do you own any Lip Smackers?
Which is your favourite?


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  1. Ohhhh so cute! I love the princess packaging!
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  3. awww these are soooo cute.Love them all.