Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Review // Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation in Champagne

Hey guys! The Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation by Benefit* is probably the most talked about foundation of this year and I had heard so much about it. I finally got the chance to try it out and I have to say that it was definitely something special!



The consistency is very watery, even watery than my True Match, and this makes me want to use it more for some reason. I feel like a watery foundation is much better for my skin than something like a mousse foundation would be. I would say that this foundation is a light to medium coverage so I think it’s perfect for an everyday use but you could also adjust it to make it suitable for an occasion.

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The shade I have is ‘Champagne’ and it’s considerably more yellow toned than my skin tone. However, it is virtually impossible to tell so when I have it on so having the closest shade possible to your skin tone will suffice for you if you’re struggling to find an exact colour match for you. Considering that this only has nine shades this is very helpful.

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This foundation does last a long time. I would say that it lasts around 6 to 7 hours without becoming oily for me if I haven’t set it with powder. Obviously, if I did set it with powder it would last a lot longer so this is a good foundation for people with oily skin (which I am one of) as it will last you.


Moving on, I love the coverage that this gives. It is definitely flawless but it doesn’t make me feel like my face is a cake which is good. For a person that likes to highlight and contour after foundation this is perfect because if you have a heavy base and add too many products it can look caky.


If you would like to check this foundation our check HERE for £21.95 which is considerably cheaper than the price Benefit sell it at officially. Thank you for reading!

Have you tried this before?
What is your favourite foundation at the moment?


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  1. Great foundation one of my favorites.

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  3. It sounds amazing, I've heard so many great reviews about it, xoxo.

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  6. I have never heard of this product but now i am so curious about it. It is always good to find a good foundation that doesn't make your face cake. Love it. Thanks :)

  7. This is one of my faves! Stopped using it and recently returned to it and forgot how much I love it not heavy or cakey at all. Great review :D x